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Computing Progression Pathways (2014)

The purpose of the Progression Pathways Assessment Framework is to support teachers in assessing their pupils’ progress in computing from Age 5 (Year 1 in England) through to pupils in secondary school, aged 14 (Year 9).

The progression statements in the Assessment Framework have been created based on the 2014 National Curriculum for Computing points of study, which school in England will be required to follow. It has also been aligned to the CAS Primary Guidance document.

The column headings are aligned to the different strands of computing found in the Computing at Schools curriculum, which may be updated in the future, and if it is, it will provide guidance for teachers to help them accurately interpret the National Curriculum.


New GCSE Specifications

First teach 2016 (Open links in new window)

OCR Computer Science - Information & Specification

OCR - here's a list of topics that students need to study

AQA Computer Science - Information & Specification

EDEXCEL Computer Science - Information & Specification

Past & Specimen Papers

Past papers, mark schemes and examiner's reports are available to the public on the AQA website, OCR website and Pearson/Edexcel website. Teachers who have access to the secure awarding body websites generally have access to these materials sooner and they may also have more materials available.

The 'canyoucompute' is well worth investigating for all aspects of computer science, not just Assembler.

AQA Course Videos

Someone has addressed each topic of the current AQA Comp Science specification. They are not exemplary but they might be of some use.

AQA Topic Link
Constants, Variables and Data Types 
Data Structures 
Program Flow Control 
Procedures and Functions 
Error Handling 
Computer Systems 
Secondary Storage 
Data Representation 
Software Development Life Cycle 
Application Testing 
Client Server 
Web Application Concepts 
External Code Sources 
Database Concepts 
Query Methods (SQL) 
Computers In Society 


Revision Materials and links

The 'canyoucompute' is well worth investigating for all aspects of computer science.